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Sumrit Chooklin

Up-cycling the old sack by coating on the surface with Thai's natural rubber latex to be new material sheet for Fashion Industry, Furniture Industry, Deciration Business, Lifestyle Product, Gift and Souvenirs. It's very unique as a artcraft or craft pieces. it's named "SAXTEX" come from "sack" combined with "latex". It is able to be the alternative materials as the leather or synthetic leather. SAXTEX can provide to be shoes, bags, accesories both of men and women. Especially decorative items and lifestyle items including to creative gifts and souvenirs.



Kawalee Wu

When factories tan leather, they would tan 2% more to make sure clients get the right quality at the right amount. In this situation, there will also be leathers that meet the quality but isn’t sold. In an average size tannery, 300 hides were provided daily, or around 500,000 square feet a month. A tannery produces nearly 6 million square feet yearly, which is around 215,980 pieces of leather. Each year, there will be roughly 1,720 to 2,200 pieces of leathers unsold. Therefore, La Mitra desires to live more sustainably and mindfully by reducing wastes from luxury fast-fashion industry. We upcycle these 2% extra leather that tannery produces to create sustainable products with meaningful stories. Through everything we produce, we want to share the beauty of products that are made to last and honours the natural materials that were used to make them.



Gerome Sta. Maria

The title of my collection is “Diwata’’ which Is derived from the name of fairy-like creatures in Philippine folklore that helps protect mother nature. I named it after that because my concept of entrepreneurship is an eco-friendly fashion line comprising mainly of ladies’ footwear with some bags (minaudieres) and some accessories (earrings, handcuffs). We have a huge environmental problem right now where in millions of tons of plastic wastes end up in the environment especially in oceans. This eco-friendly line aims to decrease that problem by using recycled plastics in making the shoe heels. The process starts by collecting plastic wastes, next bring those in a melting facility and then compress the melted plastics inside specially designed molds where it will be formed into shoe heels. What’s amazing about this process is depending on the way you cut, color mix and compress the plastics, you can produce different patterns and finishing for the shoe heels. Aside from this I also plan to turn the recycled plastics into thread or fibers and weave them to create the shoe uppers. I plan to mix this material with other materials such as indigenous fabric to produce intricate weave patterns similar to the traditional weaves of Asia. Sustainable eco-friendly fashion is growing because people are realizing that we are responsible to preserve the one earth we are living in. I plan to retail this collection to a more premium price because if I would sell it at the same price of fast fashion products, these products containing recycled materials will eventually end up in waste as fast as fast fashion does. This would defeat the purpose of the collection. I plan to create a product that has quality and value, something that would last for a long time.


Worawan Ratanawijitrasilp

Teoria jewelry is the jewelry with minimalist style, wearable and well matching with everyday outfit to created an everyday charm. We use the name Teoria because our design can explain basic theory, so we come up with name Teoria because the word Teoria means theory in Spanish, our jewelry has a different basic theory in every piece and also design the interaction part to make you more understand story of theory behind the jewelry. We use brass materials to create a piece of work. Comes with the basic form of simple jewelry. Through a combination of mass production and craftsmanship. Straight lines and circles, the geometric form are presented in various proportions on necklaces, bangle, rings and keyrings.

This collection is focus on astronomy topics in daily life. It’s very easy to understand and sometimes you can see it in daily life. The design is not only look good and wearable. But it will be the things that let you start the conversation with the others more easily. Moreover our jewelry is design to provide some interesting knowledge about theory to you and you can impress the others by telling story about what are the interesting things behind our jewelry. We also call it a ‘communication pieces’

I started working on this jewelry concept when I was in the college. Because I’m very interesting in astronomy topics, it’s always made me think of a mystery topics that can proof by science. So I turn my passion to create a unique jewelry.




Cherre Hermogena

The idea came to me when I was 15 years old on a night out with my family, when I witnessed a group of girls walking barefoot, swinging their heels' ankle straps at their fingertips with defeated looks. However, it was only a few years later and many experiences that i was pushed into doing more research. GENA is a startup footwear company that specializes in adjustable heels. Our flagship heels are every bit stylish pair of footwear but, unlike conventional heels, bring convenience, flexibility and practicality to the everyday woman. The mechanism works as follows: 1) Press on a small non-protruding button located on the side of the outsole 2) The catch will release 3) Pull the heel downwards to detach 4) Tuck the heel under the outsole There will be a click indicating that it is secured.




Charlotte Wang

Charlotte Sunday’s changeable thong sandals is a totally brand new idea, which allowed customers to change the style of thong sandals according to their daily outfit. The innovative design not only bring to customers interesting in fashion but also through less purchase and reduce waste to achieve Eco friendly’s purpose. The thong sandals has obtained the utility model patent in Taiwan, and the fabric post gives customer comfortable between toes, the EVA wedge’s 6 cm heel is particularly suitable for Asia girls. other multifunctional feature including changeable, washable, adjustable, customize, also just need one pair shoes space for storage it. Charlotte Sunday’s thong sandals is trendy, chic, exquisite, it gives customer different way to show their style, no matter dog walking, picnic, shopping or go to beach, it will be necessary in every girls life.




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